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Report: Pre-Cut Lumber Use In Japan

The number of lumber brokers in Japan's lumber exchange and plywood exchange distribution is diminishing. There are various materials being used by precut lumber factories. Originally, green hinoki and sugi lumber were used for precutting. However, there were two major problems with green lumber. First, a high percentage of waste occurred because some pieces were not straight and could not be machined properly. Second, even if the pieces of softwood lumber were straight and cut to precision at the factory so that the pegs fit perfectly into the machined holes, by the time these components were ready to assemble on the job site warping and twisting had often occurred. The precut process begins with a quotation request from the customer (this step does not apply to the integrated precutter builder). Along with the quotation request the builder submits floor and elevation plans necessary for a materials takeoff list. In many cases, CAD drawings can be interfaced directly with precut systems and material takeoffs can be done without further data entry.  
To download the full report on Japan pre-cut softwood lumber click here.

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